This AI excels at erasing the watermark of images and photos… but be careful!

Merouan Goumiri

January 29, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.


artificial intelligence law © Shutterstock

© Shutterstock

More than a long battle, it’s almost a war that has started between humans and artificial intelligence. And obviously, the latter has not finished attacking the artists.

Last December, and in a show of solidarity with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the artists of ArtStation expressed their dissatisfaction with the art generated by AI. More than a month later, professionals from different artistic circles are once again struck down by the trickery of the AI…

Watermark Remover: or how to further harm the work of artists

Since the beginning of the year, artificial intelligence has manifested itself in many forms, each one being more harmful (or beneficial, it depends on the point of view) than the others. After Getty Images attacked AI for drawing inspiration from its own photos, we learned that the CNET site had used an AI to write its articles. Definitely, no sector seems to be spared by AI…

Recently, a brand new tool offered by has appeared on the Web. And be warned: this one will not make artists happy, quite the contrary. Called Watermark, it allows, as its name suggests, to erase watermarks present on copyrighted images free of charge and in no time using artificial intelligence. What jeopardizes image banks that use watermarks to protect their content? It could well be…

A formidable AI… and almost perfect?

Our colleagues from The Verge had “fun” testing the effectiveness of Watermark on a total of three platforms familiar to most of us: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Getty Images. And the least we can say is that the tool is particularly formidable for completely removing watermarks.

Watermark © © Shutterstock / Vladimir Yakovenko

© Shutterstock / Vladimir Iakovenko (Yes yes, this image does have a watermark. Well, had…)

In general, the tests of The Verge demonstrated that the Shutterstock and Adobe Stock watermarks did not resist the tool for very long. Indeed, Watermark very easily got rid of the watermarks present on the illustrations and photographs of the two platforms, to the point of seeing nothing but fire. Of the three platforms, the Getty Images watermark would obviously be the ones that would best resist the onslaught of AI on its images. It should also be noted that it however encountered more difficulties in removing the artist’s signatures present on the illustrations of each of the image banks in question.

If, at present, this AI is still imperfect in certain respects, it offers results that have plenty to scare artists. And that’s probably just the beginning… Anyway, in order to have a detailed view of the capabilities of, we invite you to consult the paper of The Verge attached to the source of this article.

Source : The Verge

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