This Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse combo is half price

[Deal du jour] Comfortable and quality, Apple’s keyboard and mouse are, however, quite expensive accessories. If you buy both on La Fnac, you will benefit from a 49% reduction.

What is this promotion on this Apple keyboard and mouse?

Until March 31, 2024 inclusive, for any simultaneous purchase of the Apple Magic Keyboard and the Apple Magic Mouse on Fnac, you benefit from an immediate 49% discount.

To take advantage of it, simply purchase the Apple Magic Keyboard White wireless keyboard at the price of €109, and the Apple Magic Mouse White wireless bluetooth mouse at the price of €85. Once in the basket, the two items are priced at €50.94 and €49.05 respectively, for a total of €99.

What is this Apple Magic Keyboard?

The Magic Keyboard is a minimalist and elegant keyboard, with dimensions of 11.5 × 27.9 × 1.1 cm and a weight of less than 250 g. The keyboard is therefore easy to carry and slip into a bag, and its solid design allows it to withstand possible shocks. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and can pair with a tablet or smartphone, in addition to your Mac. A USB‑C to Lightning cable is present, so you can pair your devices or recharge it.

The typing sensation is not as pleasant as with a mechanical keyboard, but remains comfortable. The traditional scissor mechanism is pleasant and the touch is firm, for a natural strike. In order to be more compact, this version does not have a numeric keypad. In terms of autonomy, even with use for several hours per day, the Magic Keyboard will easily last a month before having to go through the recharge box. Allow two hours to fully recharge it.

The Magic Mouse in action // Source: Apple
The Magic Mouse in action // Source: Apple

And what is this Apple mouse?

Although the keyboard, without being the best model on the market, is of quality, Apple’s Magic Mouse will be less unanimous. Its dimensions of 5.71 × 11.35 × 2.16 cm and its weight of less than 100 g are correct for a compact mouse. Its design offers a grip that is too low, which can quickly make the mouse heavy and uncomfortable. Apple obliges, the finishes are however impeccable.

Unlike a classic mouse, here there are no clicks or a wheel. The multi-touch surface allows you to perform simple finger gestures, such as clicking, swiping right to left, or scrolling. Navigation is intuitive and the mouse responds well. Gliding is not exemplary and exaggerated wrist movements can be tiring during prolonged use. Allow approximately one month of battery life.

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