This astro sign is not having a good start to the month of March (he is unlucky)

The month of March has begun and if it brings luck and prosperity to some signs, others are not so lucky…

Each month of the year reserves its share of surprises for each of the astrological signs. While the month of February highlighted Aquarius, in March, it is the turn of shy and imaginative Pisces to be highlighted. This water sign is particularly lucky at the beginning of the month: it is the time for him to assert himself and gain confidence in himself, leaving aside the views of others.

This Pisces season invites all members of the zodiacal wheel to focus on themselves, to slow down their pace of life. Indeed, Pisces is a sign that is in thought, in reflection, in imagination: it takes its time to act. A break from everyday life can be good for certain signs, like Aries for example, who are always caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and never stop moving. Advantage: he acts, he does. Disadvantage: it doesn’t take a step back! Here, in March, he will be able to land. But this latency, this softer atmosphere of the month of March, can be very complicated to live with for certain astrological signs.

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This astrological sign struggles at the beginning of March

If there is one astrological sign that has difficulty getting through this first part of the month of March, it is Leo. This fire sign has trouble slowing down, but it also has difficulty taking a step back from everyday situations. He needs harmony in his life, personal but also professional. To do this, he must put his ego aside to listen to others and not to his own needs. He must try to pass on certain opinions to call his own into question.

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Leo, who often has an oversized ego, can have difficulty letting others speak. But if he doesn’t succeed, he won’t evolve during the month of March. Indeed, Pisces is a sign that also invites generosity and sharing. If Leo objects, he risks feeling out of step and closing in on himself…

Signs that are lucky at the beginning of March

If Leo is not the most advantaged by the arrival of March, other signs are very lucky. In addition to Pisces, Cancer, sensitive and concerned about his image, regains self-confidence, especially professionally, and this allows him to shine in the eyes of others. He finally feels more legitimate (and he is right).

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Virgo, earth sign, is also very lucky at the start of the month. This sign, the most organized of the zodiac, lets go (which is rare for him). Virgo natives feel better, more confident and more legitimate in their projects. They are very encouraged at the start of the month: it does him good.

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