This astro sign will experience a good middle of April (he is very lucky)

An astrological sign is having a very good middle of April. He is very lucky: love, work… Everything smiles on him!

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The month of April is very special for each of the astrological signs. Indeed, it is marked by numerous events, including one particularly important: Mercury retrograde, which occurs from April 1 to 28. This can be scary, and we understand why. Indeed, when Mercury retrograde, each sign of the zodiacal wheel undergoes many consequences. For what ? Because Mercury is the planet of communication, of transport… So its movement, as if backwards, is problematic.

Many astrological signs encounter difficulty communicating with others, but also to express clear ideas and organize them. Arguments and conflicts are more common at work in particular, but also within the home. Because of this, each person can feel misunderstood and frustrated. Be patient, because as soon as Mercury stops its retrograde, everything returns to normal. Some signs are affected more than others, of course. This is particularly the case for Leo who must wait until the end of this event to begin to realize professional projects. Another sign is very lucky despite this, and especially in mid-April.

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This astrological sign is very lucky in mid-April

If there is one very lucky sign in April despite Mercury going retrograde, it is Aries. This fire sign is advantageous, especially because the sun is in its sign. This is a very fiery sign, but also very dynamic and a very go-getter. This is a real positive point, but sometimes acting without thinking can lead to problems. Mercury retrograde helps Aries take a break. “But, especially the first twenty days of the month, you are not obliged to make important decisions, especially as Mercury retrograde retraces its steps and helps you to review certain resolutions that you had perhaps made too quickly” , notes Annalisa Angelucci, astrologer for aufeminin.

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The sun leaves its sign on April 22, 2024 to join Taurus. But around the 21st, almost halfway through the month, “a significant process of growth or expansion could be triggered. This is the start of a cycle during which it is possible for you to make good financial progress or embark on a career change.”, explains the expert. Aries has an advantage from mid-April until the end of the month.

Other lucky astro signs in April 2024

Aries is having a good half of the month and a superb end to April. But this zodiac sign isn’t the only one having a good time. Indeed, other members of the zodiacal wheel are also lucky. We think in particular of Capricorn, who can have wonderful romantic encounters. He can meet people who intrigue him, who surprise him, and Capricorn loves that. This earth sign, if in a relationship, can also experience a moment of perfect osmosis with his or her partner.

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Another very lucky sign: Cancer, who can have love at first sight in mid-April and have a good second half of the month. This water sign can indulge in a new passionate love affair. He loves love and therefore, he will love falling in love again. If Cancer is in a relationship, everything seems to be going well from mid-April: if he had an argument with his partner, everything will work out!

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