This atypical Warzone class of the MP-40 panics TikTok

While TikTok is primarily a gold mine when it comes to entertainment, this social network is also home to some uncommon Warzone classes. And recently, a new class of the MP-40 has been shared, and the least we can say is that it is overpowered.

For several days, a new class of the MP-40 has been circulating on TikTok and this one is absolutely terrifying to face.

Between its built-in agility and fast kill time, there’s nothing this version of Warzone’s staple submachine gun can’t do.

So if you want to have fun and make your opponents doubt their sanity, discover this class without further delay.

The new class of MP-40 ideal for Rebirth Island


This atypical class of the MP-40 will make your opponents tremble.

This version of the weapon moves away from the basic version with the standard F8 Stabilizer and 317mm Krausnick Cannon that most players are used to.

Instead, this class opts for speed and stealth over long-range utility. The end result is an extremely fast weapon capable of dominating the intense pace of Rebirth Island.

  • Blocked : Silencer M1929
  • cannon : VDD 189 mm short
  • Telescope : Krausnick ISO1M
  • Stock : Stock removed
  • Cannon accessory : SMLE pistol grip
  • Charger : 45 round .62 Gorenko drum magazines
  • Ammo type : Hollow point
  • Rear handle : Hatched handle
  • Asset : Perfectionist
  • Asset 2 : Fast

The addition of the Perfectionist skill helps compensate for the loss of accuracy from before and the 45 Round .62 Gorenko Drum Magazine allows you to have enough bullets if the ranged fights start to drag on.

The crosshatch grip helps increase accuracy and keep your shots steady, even on the farthest targets.

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The great advantage of this class over its competitors is based largely on its speed. While the OTs 9 remains the weapon with the fastest side strafe speed, this one will get you in the same vein.

So if you are looking for a new class to use in Warzone, do not hesitate and reproduce this class of the MP-40 which may well surprise you.

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