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Announced in early September, the Miss Aesthetics contest, presented by reality TV candidate Milla Jasmine and columnist Jean-Michel Maire, is meant to be completely different from other beauty contests. If the ambition is laudable, a major problem tarnishes the picture according to Internet users: the prize for the winner.

A new competition will arrive in France: Miss Aesthetics. Announced on social networks by Milla Jasmine, an emblematic candidate of reality TV, this competition is intended to be a direct competitor of Miss France. On paper, this competition looks progressive and in the age of time. In a press release, shared on the social networks of the competition which will elect the winner in February 2022, it is specified that “women, whether they are curvy, married, tattooed, having or not carried out a body change via cosmetic surgery”Will be able to participate.

Thus, this beauty contest is meant to be inclusive. A laudable decision since it is in particular what is criticized with the contests Miss France, Miss Prestige and Miss Universe, which restrict the woman to a little too precise beauty criteria : height, weight, age, everything is framed by the committees of Miss. Miss Esthétique ensures that its access is possible for women of 40 years, those who are tattooed, who have already had children. “To participate in the competition, you have to be a woman and be of legal age. There are no other restrictions to register for the election”, Adds the press release. A promise that appeals since 600 women have already registered.

A problematic price

Among all the applications, thirty women will be selected and will compete on February 27, 2022 to try to win this competition and the resulting prices : a world tour in six stages with photo shoots or a two-year contract as an Instagram model and influencer. But one of the prices is more problematic than the others. The winner will win € 15,000 to spend on surgery and beauty treatments. A prize that therefore allows the winner to be able to get rid of a physical complex by resorting to liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation or reduction, injections of botox or hyaluronic acid, etc. But this lot is problematic, in a society where young people are largely influenced by social networks and can therefore have a distorted image of themselves. Cosmetic surgery is not something to be taken lightly, it is important to think carefully before taking action and not to do it on a whim, which can happen when the winner has such a sum in her hands.

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