this bob with bangs is ideal for rejuvenating all faces, according to a hairstylist

Bob cuts are very trendy for this spring-summer 2024, but not all are equal for wearing bangs after 60. A hairdresser reveals the best bob with bangs to wear in your sixties to rejuvenate the oval of your face and avoid the “memerizing” effect.

Bangs are an anti-aging hairstyle tip whose effects can be stunning on the face. Ideal for hiding the deepest wrinkles that harden facial features and emphasize our age, it is a perfect alternative to short rejuvenating cuts ideal after 60 to maintain a little length when you don’t want to cut too much shorts our hair, in particular in order to adopt the super trendy grandmother’s hairstyle that everyone is wearing at the moment.

If we now know what is the best short cut with bangs to adopt after 60, the one which rejuvenates all face shapes without distinction, the bob cuts which are very fashionable this spring-summer 2024 can also be embellished with a bangs as seen with the most rejuvenating hairstyle of all to wear after 50. Rémi Billaud, hairdresser and training manager at Franck Provost, reveals to us that the best bob cut with bangs to wear after 60 years is the “blurred square”.

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The best bob cut with bangs to wear after 60

Ideal for rejuvenating the face and the entire look, the blurred bob is a very modern bob cut that has proven itself to highlight the features of mature women. The expert hairdresser of Franck Provost, specifies that it is a square which is “slightly unstructured”which makes it rejuvenating.

While it is possible to have it cut to multiple lengths in reality, he advises choosing a particular hair length after 60, so that this bob cut is as flattering as possible for the oval of the face which tends to to relax in your sixties and to have much less clear and rounded contours than before. In terms of length, Rémi Billaud invites you to favor a fuzzy square “which reaches the level of the jaw” so that its locks subtly lift the oval of the face in stride, and camouflage the slightly squarer appearance that the face takes on with age. This will allow it to soften the oval of your face, to give it a more youthful appearance, which is ideal after the age of sixty.

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Haircut after 60: what rejuvenating bangs for this blurry bob cut?

For this modern bob cut to include bangs with a “youthful look”, the hairdresser explains that it must be “side bangs”. It is this detail of the haircut that makes the hairstyle all the more rejuvenating. Rémi Billaud reveals, in fact, that the ideal fringe to choose is a fringe “long and side-swept” of the face, and not a straight fringe which breaks the oval of the face by creating a clear break above the eyebrows.

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He specifies that with this type of long bangs styled on the side, the bangs will “frame the face without weighing it down” the hairstyle. This type of bangs is perfect for lightly concealing marked facial wrinkles such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines and even crow’s feet wrinkles. The expert adds that this kind of bangs “brings a chic and timeless side, while energizing the look” to rejuvenate it immediately.

The blurred bob with bangs on the side: the rejuvenating bob cut ideal for all faces

It’s not just the very modern and clever look of the blurred bob that is interesting after 60 to rejuvenate the oval of your face while wearing bangs. As the hairdresser and head of training at Franck Provost points out, it is also a haircut capable of complimenting your facial shape whatever it may be.

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According to Rémi Billaud, he “suitable for most face shapes” and reveals itself “ideal for softening angular features” at sixty and over, as at any age for that matter. It is therefore a rejuvenating bob cut that is particularly easy to adopt.

Bob with bangs after 60: how to style my bob cut to avoid the “memerizing” effect?

As the hairdresser points out, this bob cut also has the advantage of being very easy to maintain on a daily basis. Due to its “fuzzy” appearance, it does not require impeccable styling in the morning, and this is also the case for its bangs which sweep to one side of the face.

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To shape your hairstyle without ever risking the ‘memerizing’ effect of too stiff blow-drying, the hairdresser recommends using “a little texturizing spray to create a controlled tousled effect”. Enough to give you a modern look very easily!

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