this buried “treasure” which would be at the origin of their disappearance

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It’s been over two months since Leslie and Kevin disappeared. Although no lead has yet borne fruit, a new one interests the police.

The vagueness is still total around the disappearance of Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kevin Trompat, for which their relatives are still investigating. The young couple has not given any sign of life since the November 25 last, and no lead has concluded with proof, for the time being. Even if some of their friends were suspected like Tom, whom the parents of the couple point to, or the friend who lodged them, who had a relationship with Leslie. At first, investigators and family thought of financial reasons given that Kevin was carrying on him the sum of 10,000 euros in cashfor the purchase of a car, according to his mother-in-law.

Kevin’s father, condemned, had meanwhile evoked the last words that his son would have said to him the evening of his disappearance. The latter had seen men in car heads of killers, and he would have been afraid. Despite rumors that Kevin took over the his father’s drug business, the father of the disappeared assured that his son was not involved in this. In short, no lead has so far given anything concrete and encouraging.

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The new track of a studied treasure hunt

Lately, a new track is being studied by the police: that ofa treasure hunt, as reported by the New Detective. According to them, Kevin’s father would have buried some money in a pond in Coulon, one of his properties. This place is monitored by surveillance cameras, which would also have filmed Kevin and Leslie there. Kevin’s father reportedly resented Leslie’s presence near the pond, and called his son to account, who told him not to worry because she “represented no danger”.

This new element is serious enough for the police to look into it, especially since there is much to question. It does indeed seem strange that the pond in question is supervised by Kevin’s father who is currently imprisoned, and so Kevin brought Leslie with him there. Especially since this is the second time that the police have been directed towards a financial trackin view of the 10,000 euros that Kevin had on him when he disappeared.


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