this calculator lets you know if your loved ones are at risk


How to measure the risk of being in contact with people positive for the coronavirus, during Christmas dinner, for example? An online calculation tool has just been launched, and it is also free.

"We will be able to move around freely on the evenings of December 24 and 31 to share these moments with the family", said Emmanuel Macron on November 24. But how can you be sure of the good health of your guests during the Christmas dinner? A good question, which the CoviRisque calculator offers to solve for free. This tool, created by Guillaume Rozier, computer engineer, and Elias Orphelin, second year master's student at the Paris Business School (ESCP), "allows you to assess the risk of meeting a positive person at an event, such as your Christmas dinner", West France announcement. This calculator will be a shock ally in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. "With Elias Orphelin (…), we started to create it yesterday afternoon (Monday October 26) and we launched it in stride", explained Guillaume Rozier to the regional daily.

How does this "anti-Covid calculator" work?

"You just need to choose your department and the number of people attending the event (…) You can add multiple departments to simulate a family gathering with members from different departments (…), can we read on the CoviRisque website. The virus circulation data are automatically updated daily, and come from Public Health France ". The tool is therefore responsible for entering the incidence rate then, thanks to a "mathematical formula that is not very complicated", it gives the probability that a person is infected. This technology thus makes it possible to estimate the risk according to the departments of origin of your relatives.

The CovidTracker site recalls that "its result is based on an estimate, so it is approximate". Respecting barrier gestures therefore remains essential before, during and after the moment of meeting your loved ones. According to an Odoxa-Dentsu consulting poll published on November 26, 72% of French people assure that they will follow the government's advice. A Christmas like no other is coming, however.

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