this candidate is a “baby Miss France”, “My mother participated 22 years ago”

Saturday December 16, 2023, there are more than 30 candidates that we will see parade on the stage of the Zénith de Dijon with the sole aim of winning the title of Miss France 2024! It was in the columns of Télé Loisirs that one of them, Lola Turpin, Miss Aquitaine 2023, spoke about her journey as well as the reasons which pushed her to embark on the adventure.

A little more than two weeks separate us from the coronation of the new Miss France for the year 2024. Scheduled for December 16 at the Zénith in Dijon, the election of Miss France 2024 already promises some great surprises. While all the Misses flew to Guyana for a preparation rich in learning and emotion, the 30 official candidates find themselves today in the home stretch. While we discovered the general knowledge test submitted to participants this year, it is in the columns of Leisure TV that we learn more about one of them.

Lola Turpin, Miss Aquitaine 2023 and international marketing student reveals she has a special connection with the competition. A significant link since her mother already participated in the election around twenty years ago as Miss Berry, the year Sylvie Tellier was crowned Miss France 2002. Interviewed by the magazine, she gives the reasons who pushed her to enter the competition and why she considers the adventure a real challenge.

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“She is a source of inspiration for me”

The 19-year-old young woman says she has little self-confidence, a character trait that has long made her doubt her participation in the election. Yet now the young girl is embarking on the adventure, a motivation that she found in certain models as she reveals: “Iris Mittenaere whose personality I really like» as well as her mother, a true pillar for the young girl: “the main person remains my mother who participated in the competition twenty-two years ago. She is a source of inspiration for me“.

Information on which the journalist bounces back when she asks him if it is a “experience she told him about“. To which Lola Turpin responds that her mother has always been discreet on the subject: “Not a lot. She revealed a few anecdotes to me, but she didn’t want to tell me too much because it’s my adventure.» Yet that doesn’t stop the mother and daughter from finding themselves each year in front of their television when the time comes to elect our new beauty queen: “every year, since I was little, we watch Miss France with popcorn and our notepad to designate the semi-finalists. We were super invested!» For this edition, it is on the other side of the camera that Lola Turpin will prove herself! See you on December 16!

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