this cheese sold at Carrefour should no longer be consumed (presence of bacteria)

This cheese sold in the famous Carrefour brand has just been withdrawn from sale. The reason ? He was contaminated by bacteria. If you purchased it, do not consume it.

Alert in the cheese section at Carrefour! THE government website Consumption reminder on May 24, launched a product recall campaign aimed at consumers. Cheese would be contaminated with E.coli bacteria, making the consumption of this food product potentially dangerous.

This product, which was sold in all Carrefours in France, was available for purchase between May 23 and 25, 2024. If it has been recalled by the authorities, it is however possible that you have purchased it in the meantime. If that is the case, it is strongly recommended that you do not consume this cheese, or even throw it away to avoid any risk of poisoning.

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A cheese sold at Carrefour contaminated with E.coli

The product affected by the recall campaign is a half Savoie reblochon, marketed by the POCHAT POINTE PERCEE brand. It can be identified by this batch number: 145184212, and is packaged in plastic film. It is a fresh product which was positioned in the cheese section of the Carrefour brand. If you accidentally purchased it, the government site recommends no longer consuming this cheese. The reason ? “Presence of E.coli STEC strain O103:H2”

In other words, this demi-reblochon was contaminated by E. coli bacteriawhich from a health point of view can lead to serious consequencesas specified by the authorities “Toxigenic Shiga Escherichia coli (STEC) can cause, in the week following the consumption of contaminated products, diarrhea, sometimes bloody, abdominal pain and vomiting, accompanied or not by fever. These symptoms can be followed (5 to 8% of cases) by severe renal complications, mainly in children.” In this sense, Conso Recall invites you to throw away this product or return it to the point of sale to obtain a refund.

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What to do if you have eaten this cheese?

If foodstuffs are not spared from the bacteria contaminationthe fact remains that the risks involved can be dangerous. And on this subject, the government site is strict. He specifies that if people who have consumed this cheese encounter symptoms as mentioned above, it is necessary to “consult your doctor immediately, informing him of this consumption as well as the place and date of purchase.”

On the other hand, it is also specified “that in the absence of symptoms within 15 days after consumption of the products concerned, there is no need to worry and consult a doctor.” Finally, the authorities recall the practices regarding the consumption of products based on raw milk. If you are sensitive to this type of food, it is best to take precautions and abstain.

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