This Christmas comedy is a laugh every minute and it’s a hit on Netflix

Netflix subscribers are enjoying this timeless comedy whose action takes place at Christmas time!

It’s an absolute classic of the Christmas film, a French comedy which brought together 1.5 million curious people in theaters upon its release: Santa Claus is a piece of garbage by Jean-Marie Poiré, with the entire Splendid troupe, is a success also on Netflix, where it is in the top 10 most watched films currently on the platform.

A little quiz? Recognize whether this line comes from Santa Claus or Tanned People skiing!

On Christmas Eve, Thérèse and Pierre run the Parisian SOS distress-friendship hotline, helping lonely and depressed people. But the evening will turn into a disaster when Josette alias “Zézette”, her companion Félix, a pathetic gangster, an overly pushy neighbor, a transvestite at the end of his tether and others, parade through the offices!

All the Splendid is there: Anémone, Bruno Moynot, Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Josiane Balasko, Marie-Anne Chazel, Michel Blanc, Thierry Lhermitte and their friends and fellow actors: Martin Lamotte and Jacques François. This is Jean-Marie Poiré’s first meeting with the entire troupe, but he had previously directed Men Prefer Fat, which he co-wrote with Josiane Balasko.

The gags go a hundred miles an hour, the nasty and corrosive dialogues flow, the characters are often pathetic but funny, and we laugh with them rather than at them!

Of “Obviously, it depends, it goes beyond” has “It’s rolled by hand under the armpits” Passing by “A mop, Thérèse” And “I don’t like to say bad things, but she’s actually nice.”the lines that have remained from generation to generation are all brought together in the same film, to be seen and rewatched!

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