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If weight loss is your goal, it’s time to kick that bad breakfast habit.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, if not the one where you should watch what you put on your plate the most. And for good reason, it will help regulate your appetite for your snacks in the hours that follow. Many people with a weight loss goal are sometimes confused about what is good to eat or not in the morning. Thinking well, they got into the habit of drinking fruit juice. If you want to get rid of your extra pounds, However, this is a very big mistake! Whether your apple, pineapple or orange juice is pressed or not, it contains a lot of sugars.

It is estimated that for a glass of 100 ml of orange juice, we would consume up to 8 grams of sugar. A substantial figure that is close to the amount of sugar present in a sweet drink such as soda. Although it is always better to drink a fresh squeezed rather than industrial fruit juice, the body is unfortunately not able to dissociate fructose type sugars (which come from fruit) and glucose type sugars (which come from sodas and which are transformed directly into fat). If you want to eat fiber for breakfasthere is what you have to do.

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Breakfast: the basic rules for a balanced meal

The fruits are not necessarily banish from your morning meal. Instead of a juice, however, it is preferable to eat a whole fruit. The latter are much more nutritious: you will be able to benefit from their fibers, unlike fruit juices in which the fibers are removed during pressing and filtration. As a reminder, fibers make it possible to reduce the glycemic index of ingested foods, but also to participate in elimination of toxins. In addition to a whole fruit, it is advisable to eat a sufficient intake of protein (eggs for example) and lipids, such as avocado or salmon. Granola-type cereals should be banned because they also contain too much sugar.

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