This cocktail loved by your mother and grandmother is back in force in 2024 (it contains only 2 ingredients)

This forgotten cocktail with notes of blackcurrant returns to the forefront for summer 2024. And one thing is certain, it has everything to please lovers of fresh and original aperitifs.

Do you also feel that summer is coming? The days are getting longer, the terraces are always full, and the invitations for aperitifs with friends start to rain. The summer season has started, with its share of barbecue dinners and festive aperitifs. And if the Mojito remains the most consumed cocktail in Francecertain other alcoholic drinks are grabbing places on the podium of the most trendy cocktails of the year 2024.

This year, an old-fashioned cocktail is particularly talked about. It is known for its blackcurrant notes which bring a subtle freshness and appreciated for its lightness and ease of preparation. Kir, this French cocktail from Burgundy is back in force for the aperitif in 2024. And we explain why.

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What is the history of Kir, this forgotten cocktail?

First thing to know, the Kir is a French cocktail. If you want to honor your homeland by presenting your guests with a classic and fresh local cocktail, Kir is the place to turn. Kir is nothing more and nothing less than a combination of white wine and blackcurrant liqueur, very easy to make. For the record, it takes its name from Felix Kir, former mayor of Dijon and French resistance fighter during the Second World War. The statesman popularized the drink by introducing it to his guests during the receptions he organized for the city of Dijon.

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But he didn’t invent Kir. The combination of white wine and blackcurrant liqueur was tested and approved in the early 20th century. Deemed too acidic, white wines of the time were not appreciated enough. The winegrowers then thought of bringing this sweet note to rebalance the drink and sweeten it. Today, kir is one of the classic French aperitifs.

How to make a kir for your summer aperitif?

As for the preparation, here again you will be won over, because making Kir is disconcertingly simple. Concretely, for 4 people, you will need:

  • 64 cl of white wine,
  • 16 cl of blackcurrant cream

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First pour the crème de cassis into your wine glass, then top up with the wine. Also note that when choosing the wine, we recommend a dry, low-acid white wine to obtain a balanced kir. And remember to serve your Kir very cold, that’s how it’s eaten. Some people add ice cubes to provide extra freshness. Why not, but be careful that the water does not dilute the drink.

And for the most daring, there are other variants of Kir. Like the famous Kir royal made from champagne (and not wine). But also the Kir Breton where we replace crème de cassis with lambig, a cider brandy produced in Brittany. The Imperial Kir based on peach liqueur. And the Exotic Kir to which we add fresh mango or pineapple fruit juice.

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