this completely WTF game is creating a buzz, it’s totally crazy!

We know that Steam is full of completely crazy games and sometimes some of them totally create a buzz, as is the case this time with Kingmakers.

Kingmakers is the latest viral Steam phenomenon in the video game universe, developed by tinyBuild and Redemption Road Games. It is to this studio that we owe Road Redemption, a racing game in which we lead a totally crazy biker gang, who use weapons directly on the road to eliminate their opponents. In the same vein of WTF, Kingmakers is also very strong.

The new game that’s causing a sensation on Steam

This innovative game combines time travel and medieval warfare, promising a unique experience at the crossroads of eras. With an AI described as intelligent and spectacular battles, Kingmakers defies the limits of time and history, since as you can see in the trailer, you find yourself with a muscle car type car in the middle of a medieval battle.

This fusion of elements from different eras is not just a visual artifice; it enriches gameplay, requiring players to master the complexities of warfare across time. The developers promise a deep gaming experience, supported by advanced artificial intelligence, cooperative play possibilities and an engaging narrative that encourages players to think about the course of the story… Quite a program.

The Kingmakers trailer quickly reached viral status, sparking excitement from critics and players eager to see how this combination of genres will play out in the full game. Scheduled for an early access release in 2024, Kingmakers promises to offer much more than the initial amazement of its trailer. The developers envision complex strategic gameplay and a story exploring the consequences of manipulating time, positioning Kingmakers as a potentially revolutionary work. Well, for the moment, it mostly looks like a boring TPS where we shoot knights with a .12 and an AK-47. But everything is possible. We are still far from Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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