This cult sitcom is making a comeback… in an animated series!

An animated series based on the American family comedy broadcast on Fox from 1987 to 1997 is reportedly being prepared by Sony Pictures Television, and will bring together the entire original cast to dub the voices.


According to information from HollywoodReportera flagship sitcom from the 1990s, broadcast on the American channel Fox from 1987 to 1997 and in France on M6, could soon make its return to the small screen… in an unexpected form.

Created by Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye, the comedy Married, two children follows the daily life of the Bundy family, whose members embody the perfect stereotypes of the American middle class.

The father, Al, hates his job as a shoe salesman, and has to deal with his wife, Peggy, who never helps with household chores and squanders household money shopping; their daughter, Kelly, is the epitome of the brainless teenager, and their son, Bud, is obsessed with losing his virginity. The only solace Al finds in the midst of it all? Relax on your sofa in front of the television.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, which had already tried to launch a spinoff project around the character of Bud in 2014, this animated reboot will be written and supervised by Alex Carter (screenwriter and producer of the Griffins), and should bring together all the actors. sitcom originals to voice the series: Ed O’Neill (Modern Family) as Al, Katey Sagal (Shameless) as Peggy, and Christina Applegate (Dead to Me) and David Faustino (The Legend of Korra) in those of Kelly and Bud.

Considered the first overtly saucy comedy to air on an American network channel, Married With Children has become one of the longest-running sitcoms in American television history, with no less than 11 seasons and almost of 300 episodes produced. With the Griffin producer at the helm, it’s a safe bet that this animated reboot – which has no announced broadcaster yet – will be able to find the original tone of the series!

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