This dad is preparing an awesome advent calendar for his children … an idea to redo at home


Rémy Bellet, a dad of two, shared a very innovative idea for an advent calendar on his Twitter account. Wanting to surprise his children, he set up a mini-treasure hunt so that they can find their gifts while having fun.

The madness of advent calendars. A tradition that children (and parents too…) love! Each day its chocolate, each day its little moment of greed! It’s a fabulous thing to have invented it. The only thing is, every year we buy the same brands and we get used to it. They are always just as fun, but why not innovate?

The trend is towards escape games and treasure hunts. Rémy Bellet, a Twitter user, shared on its account a very cool idea!

Disappointment before surprise

For his son Paul, Rémy has planned a whole research route. But to accentuate the effect of surprise, the father announced to his son that the confinement was right about the advent calendars, and that there was not a single one left … Little Paul was more than disappointed, and we understand it… this moment is so much awaited!

But when the boy woke up the next morning, he could find a Christmas wreath hanging in his living room! On it, little boxes to open with inside a photo of where the surprise of the day is hidden, planned for him and his sister.

A great idea that surprises children and disrupts habits! In addition, this innovation is fun and playful. It allows the children to do something together and then share the reward. We love !

To reproduce Rémy's garland, all you need is a rope to hang, a place where you do not risk spending all day long (very important), clothespins, small numbered boxes, the photo of your choice and finally: a maximum of little surprises!

A lovely tradition that you can also adopt for December mornings is Elf on the Shelf! A joker elf who will make your children want to get up in the morning!

For December 25, why not organize a more extensive treasure hunt, so that children can find their Christmas presents while having fun?

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