This dishwasher has the best value for money, according to 60 million consumers

60 million consumers publish a comparison of dishwashers and reveal the appliance with the best quality-price ratio on the market. We summarize everything for you.

In a new issue, 60 million consumers is now interested in dishwashers. After revealing which are the best puff pastry, or even the best duvets, the magazine publishes a very precise comparison of dishwashers. As a reminder, in 2022, 36% of French homes were not equipped with dishwashers. This household appliance is nevertheless very practical on a daily basis. In fact, in addition to allowing you to relieve yourself of the chore of washing dishes, the dishwasher allows you to reduce water consumption by up to three times.

If your dishwasher has given up the ghost or if you simply want to buy your first dishwasher, 60 million consumers guides you in your research to obtain the best device. In fact, the magazine classified them according to their performance, their energy class but also value for money. Because prices vary a lot on the market and you probably don’t want to break the bank for this acquisition. And we understand you.

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Here is the dishwasher with the best quality-price ratio

The CF 4E4FOW dishwasher from the Candy brand, sold at the price of 430 euros is the one presenting the best value for money. 60 million consumers gives him the rating of 12/20. Its strong points are its good results in drying and washing, much more efficient than other models on the market, although sold much more expensively. The downside? He is rated E in the energy class due to its high consumption of water and electricity.

Otherwise, the most efficient dishwasher is the model DF365FPS from the LG brand. On the other hand, it is not very economical since you still have to pay 999 euros to get it. A price justified by its performance in terms of washing and drying in automatic mode. A feature that allows the device, using sensors, to autonomously determine the load of dishes and the degree of soiling.

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