This dispute between Maximilien and Estelle which surprises many

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In the next episode of Married at first sight on Monday May 29 and already available on 6Play Max, we witness a first couple dispute between Maximilien and Estelle. An argument that would have started in the context of a sports session, attention spoiler.

While the majority of couples in this seventh season of Married at first sight seems to have the desire to dig the compatibility discovered by the experts, this is unfortunately not the case of Pascal and Jessica who decided to divorce in the last episode of the show. For other pairs formed by science, the adventure has only just begun. This is also the case of Maximilien and Estelle who start their honeymoon in the next episode of this Monday, May 29, already available on the paid platform. 6play Max.

The young woman very protected by a possessive father has already experienced a complicated love story. In a relationship with a man for many years and with whom she had a child, Estelle ended up putting an end to this relationship, feeling alone and abandoned in her relationship. A story that seems to have marked the young woman since today she remains very suspicious in love, a situation that Maximilien must face.

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Estelle jealous in the next episode of MAPR

While the two budding lovers are in the middle of a sports session and everything is going well, an argument breaks out between them. Maximilien, who is a sports coach in life, trains his wife and it is then that the latter realizes that the young man must do this same kind of session with other women as part of his job. A thought that she cannot keep to herself or accept, she explains:We both do very tight sports, we are very tactile. Obviously, it crosses my mind to know if he is so close and tactile with his clients… I hope not“. She adds that in the intimacy of a sports session with another woman, especially at home, she is afraid of an inadequate rapprochement.

Reproaches that Maximilien does not understand, for the sports coach it is only his job and an attack of jealousy of the young woman without real reasons. But the young woman does not let herself go:You can go to your gym, but not to people’s houses. You don’t go to women. If they want to play sports, they go to the gym» before adding : «You weren’t married before, now you are, so it’s different“. Words that Maximilien does not accept and with which he does not agree, he replies that he is not going to change jobs now that he is married: “I am who I am and I won’t change either“. Let’s wait to see how it will end!

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