This electric bike is made with an unusual material, guess which one

Miloo, a Geneva start-up, is teaming up with Nespresso to create an electric bike from recycled coffee capsules. This collaboration aims to promote sustainable mobility by integrating the circular economy into the design of electric vehicles.

bike coffee capsules
Source: Miloo

Innovation in the electric mobility sector manifests itself through various forms. On the one hand, we had the development of a revolutionary electric motor, designed to travel millions of kilometers, marking a major step forward towardscircular economy in automobiles. This engine, the result of a project focused on sustainabilityaims to reduce the ecological footprint of electric vehicles by promoting reuse and recycling of components.

On the other, the extension of the bonus for the purchase of used electric bikes in France and the increase in the adoption of electric bikes to the detriment of the car for daily travel reflect a growing trend towards more transport alternatives ecological and economical. In this context of ecology and circular economy, was born theamazing association between an electric bicycle manufacturer and Nespresso.

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Miloo and Nespresso team up to make an electric bike from coffee capsules

The initiative of Miloo and Nespresso relies on the use of recycled materials for the production of e-bikes, highlighting both companies’ commitment to sustainability. THE executives and the rims and other parts of these E-Bikes will be made from aluminum of recycled coffee capsulesa choice that reflects the common vision of these companies of reduce environmental impact. With this model, capable of driving up to 45 km/hthe duo aims to encourage a shift towards mobility alternatives greener.

This partnership illustrates a step forward in the design of ecological means of transport, integrating recycled materials into key components such as the frame. By choosing partners aligned with their ecological values, Miloo and Nespresso demonstrate that it is possible to combine high performance and respect the environment. The company’s founders, Anna Bory and Daniel Van Den Berg, promote an approach where innovation and ecology meet to redefine urban mobility, making their bicycles a symbol ofcircular economy in action.

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