this electric car manufacturer arrives in Europe with three interesting brands

The Chinese firm Chery is actively preparing its arrival in Europe, starting with the United Kingdom. The latter is even in negotiations with the authorities in order to build its own factory. Enough to allow him to hope to benefit from the ecological bonus in France one day?

Still unknown a few years ago, Chinese manufacturers are now sweeping across Europe. And some have already offered themselves a place of choice, like MG or more recently BYD, which has just become the world number 1 in electric vehicles ahead of Tesla.

A new competitor

To tell the truth, it is very difficult to name all the brands that are already with us or are planning to do so soon, because they are more and more numerous. And now a new one is about to make its debut. This is Chery, a Chinese group little known in Europe at the moment. But this should not last very long, because the latter has every intention of tumble onto the Old Continent.

Last February, the firm lifted the veil on its new eQ1, which is already exported to us, and more precisely to Italy. But in a discreet way, since it was rebadged and renamed DR 1.0 EV, a bit like Dartz, which imports the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV under the Freze brand. But the city car, rival of the Dacia Spring, will soon no longer be the only representative of the group here.

And for good reason, the latter now wants sell your own cars in Europe, without going through an intermediary. Last October, we announced that Chery would arrive on the Old Continent with not one but three brands. It will then be from Omoda and Jaecoo as well as Exlantix, with a more upscale positioning. It is said that the first model to come to us will be the Omoda 5, starting this year.

And this seems to be on the right track, as indicated by the very serious Financial Times. The latter explains that Chery is currently in discussions with the United Kingdom authorities regarding the marketing of its cars, but not only. Because the Chinese manufacturer has another even more titanic project, since it simply plans toset up a factory among our Anglo-Saxon neighbors.

Big ambitions

Negotiations are currently underway with the competent authorities to decide on the terms of construction of this industrial site. For the moment, Victor Zhang, in charge of Chery’s British division, explains to journalistsCoach that discussions with the government are at a very early stage. If the firm already has a factory in China, local production is of great importance.

The construction of this factory across the Channel goes against the strategy of some of its rivals, including Rivian and Tesla, who had once considered a similar strategy. Same thing for BYD, before Brexit made them change their minds. If the Chery production site should mainly assemble electric modelsthe manufacturer is not closing the door to thermal cars either.

He explains in fact that this factory could export vehicles in South Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand. And what about the rest of Europe? Well Victor Zhang suggests thatanother site will be planned for the Old Continent. He explains that the one located in the United Kingdom must be independent, due to the size of this market. Nothing has yet been said about the location of the second European factory at the moment.

Either way, this strategy could be beneficial for Chery, as Brussels recently unveiled a series of measures to protect the local industry. In addition, local production would potentially allow the Chinese brand’s cars to benefit from the ecological bonus in France, if conditions do not get tougher by then.

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