This Ethereum co-founder is turning his back on crypto space

Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio is selling his start-up Decentral and cutting off almost all connections to the crypto scene. He primarily blames security concerns for this.

This news can justifiably be described as a bang. Anthony Di Iorio, a co-founder of the Ethereum network, announced plans to turn his back on the crypto scene. Like it in one Bloomberg-Items That is, he primarily indicates personal safety concerns for this step.

There’s a risk profile that I’m not too excited about. I don’t necessarily feel safe in this room.

So the 48-year-old Di Iorio in a statement. He has had a group of bodyguards around him for several years, without whom he hardly leaves the house. He himself does not provide any information about the amount of his private assets. In February 2018, Forbes magazine estimated his net worth up to a billion US dollars. Since that estimate, the price of Ether, the native token of the Ethereum network co-founded by Di Iorio, has more than doubled. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency is currently around $ 225 billion.

Di Iorio founded the Jaxx provider Decentral in 2014

In 2014 Di Iorio founded a start-up that is now known as Decentralized operates. It is a software development company with a focus on decentralized technologies. Jaxx, a wallet with around one million new customers this year alone, comes from Decentral. Di Iorio has now announced the sale of Decentral. He has spoken to potential investors and believes that the start-up will be valued at “several hundred million”. He wants to sell the company either for fiat money or in exchange for the participation of another company. However, it will definitely not be one from the crypto scene:

I’ll use crypto when I need to, but often it isn’t.

This statement already indicates a clear turnaround. Anthony Di Iorio made headlines in 2018 when he bought a luxury condominium in Canada and partially paid for it with cryptocurrency. He bought the three-story penthouse for the equivalent of $ 22 million. The Canadian also plans to part with other startups in which he is involved over time. He is not planning any further participation in blockchain projects. Instead, he wants to shift his focus to philanthropic goals.

I don’t want to be just a crypto guy, I want to be a guy who tackles complex problems

, that’s Di Iorio’s self-image. Among other things, he is on Arrow project which is run by a high school friend who is developing a zero-emission vehicle.