This ex-adventurer from Koh-Lanta talks about her depression


Sara, Koh-Lanta's signature candidate, reconsidered the severe depression she went through after an injury sustained while filming the show.

For many fans of the cult TV show Koh Lanta, Sara is one of the most iconic candidates, thanks in part to her determination and her catchphrase "There is no fatigue whatsoever." But the one who was forced to leave "Island of Heroes" by medical decision in March 2020 is still not healed.

Indeed, the adventurer, who had confided a few weeks ago about her discomfort, suffers from a serious knee disease, algodystrophy, which is characterized by intense pain. It was triggered following an operation undergone in 2020, after her medical withdrawal from the show.

Severe depression

"It mainly affects the joints after surgery or trauma. In me, the symptoms are burns and more or less violent pain that never ends", she recently explained to her followers on Instagram. An illness which also causes her many depressions, she who is athletic."My life has been meaningless since February 10, 2020, I lost all self-confidence and I lost the role I had in my health club since I am on long sick leave. You don't want anything anymore. You let the days pass", she wrote in a publication on January 28, 2021.

So much so that Sara asked her surgeon to amputate her leg. "I asked my surgeon to cut my leg so I couldn't take it anymore", she revealed to her followers. The adventurer explained walking two kilometers every morning,"because the pain is bearable". Still, it has been a long road for the former candidate."When I saw my husband go to the gym that we managed together, it was very hard. I was going to cry in a corner", recalled the sportswoman, who said she thought of the worst."Yes it crossed my head to wonder what the point of living is any more. Because for me, twenty-four months was eternity and, feeling useless, I was afraid of becoming a burden for my loved ones, which I wanted at all costs to avoid", she said. But today Sara remains hopeful for the future.

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