this eye contour treatment with vitamin C makes them deflate in 4 weeks

Are you tired of waking up with puffy eyes and bags under your eyes? This new anti-aging eye contour treatment instantly brightens the eyes and de-puffs congested eyes in just a few weeks, for a rejuvenated look.

Finding the ideal eye contour treatment according to your needs is not always easy. Between the different types of dark circles to take into account (brown dark circles, blue dark circles, etc.), signs of aging such as wrinkles (paw wrinkles and wrinkles under the eyes) and loss of radiance, as well as bags located under the lower eyelids which tend to age the look (because they are common after the age of 50), it becomes complicated to find eye care that addresses all these problems in one gesture.

However, this is the ambition of the new eye care in the range Multi Correction of RockTHE Renewal + Radiance Eye Balm. This innovative treatment, which comes in the form of a stick which instantly brightens the eyes, also helps to deflate the eye contour in just 4 weeks of use, in addition to reducing dark circles, and it is clinically proven. A super practical eye treatment to rejuvenate and take care of this ultra-fragile area of ​​the face morning and evening.

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Renewal + radiance balm: what anti-aging active ingredients to rejuvenate the eye contour?

To obtain such results on the eye area, this new treatment relies on 2 reference anti-aging active ingredients in cosmetics: vitamin C on the one hand, and peptides on the other. It is this combination of ingredients that allows it to act so quickly on all signs of fatigue and aging.

In this formula, vitamin C is used to brighten dark areas that tire the eyes and restore radiance to the skin so that it appears younger. It also has an antioxidant action to prevent signs of aging. As for anti-aging peptides, they not only firm this fine skin which becomes thinner even more quickly with age than the rest of the face and improve blood circulation around the eyes to decongest the area and reduce swelling on the the eye contour.

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Bags, dark circles: a treatment with clinically proven results

The subtly yellow formula of this eye contour stick provides immediate action on the eyes, which it refreshes and immediately makes brighter, it is proven. But it is through applications that it reveals its full potential.

After a week of use, 96% of people who tried it noted that they had a visibly healthier eye area, less marked by signs of fatigue. After a month, the swelling around the eyes and dark circles are significantly reduced, leaving the eyes visibly rested and the eyes less puffy.

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How to use Roc Renewal + Radiance eye balm?

To benefit from the benefits of all-in-one eye care, the brand recommends using it in the morning and evening. Hypoallergenic, the treatment is suitable for the most sensitive skin and you can use it just as easily before putting on makeup as before going to bed, because the formula is fast-absorbing. Fragrance-free, the treatment is pleasant to wear while sleeping.

To apply, simply slide the stick under the eyes following the curve of the dark circle, and also apply it to the area just under the brow bone. Despite its formula which appears slightly tinted, it is a treatment which remains invisible on the skin once applied, on all skin tones.

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