this famous actor from Plus belle la vie and Sous le soleil soon in the TF1 series

The series Here it all begins welcomes this summer a renowned actor, well known to all viewers who have followed episodes of Plus belle la vie and Sous le soleil. Who is this common denominator?

The summer promises to be particularly eventful for viewers, particularly with the various live broadcasts and dailies which will be broadcast on the television channels. France Televisions on the occasion of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. During this time, the series will continue to run on M6 and on TF1. Moreover, we recently learned that two former students from the class of 2023 of the star Academy were to make an appearance in an episode of Tomorrow belongs to us. At the same time, and while we discovered – in a completely different register – the complete cast of season 4 ofEmily In Pariswe understood that one of the actresses ofHere it all begins had joined the team of a successful program broadcast on Disney+.

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Also, after one of the heroes of this series broadcast late in the afternoon on the first channel for four years made particularly tender revelations concerning his private life, we now learn that several actors were going to disappear and also that the casting would expand very soon with thearrival of another already well known to viewers.

Avy Marciano will play a lovesick entrepreneur

It is Leisure TV who reported the information over the weekend, citing the name ofAvy Marciano, now fifty years old. The original Marseillais had made his debut in the series Under the sun, in the 1990s, first playing Samuel Devos, then David Callas in the 2000s. He also agreed to provide the voice for the now legendary theme song, written by Pascal Obispo and Lionel Florence. Since then, Avy Marciano has distinguished himself in Research section, Profiling, More beautiful life for more than ten years (Sacha Malkavian), Joséphine, Guardian Angel or even Léo Matteï, Minors’ Brigade. In 2019, we even saw him in Camping Paradise.

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According to our colleagues, the actor will play an entrepreneur who has had a very successful professional career and who is now trying to devote himself more to his love life. “He will set his sights on Rose Latour (Vanessa Demouy) who will take advantage of the summer period to continue to get closer to her daughter, Carla (Aaricia Lemaire), with whom the reunion had been quite difficult”specifies the editorial staff of Leisure TV arguing that, for the occasion, a new decor would bring relief to this idyll. “The three should spend time outside the Institute, in the home of this lovesick seducer”they say in fact.

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A new series on TF1 in 2025!

Leisure TV takes advantage of the revelation of this information to return to the end of its collaboration with the teams of Under the sunin 2007. “After three years of absence, Pascal Breton, the producer, called me to tell me that they were receiving a lot of letters concerning my presence. He asked me to come back. The authors imagined this evil double character then which became softer. I submitted to them the idea of ​​the twin brother which was not accepted. It was quite unusual in France: an actor who plays two characters in a series.he explained, referring to his reappearance in the series in 2002, in the skin of David Callas.

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That’s not all ! The first channel has other surprises in store for viewers and is currently working on a new TV series project for next year. After reviving More beautiful life, even more beautiful through a brand new formula since the beginning of the year, TF1 is in fact preparing a series whose theme this time is not cooking, like Here it all beginsbut the singing or the dance. Its broadcast would be scheduled for 6 p.m., instead of Large families: life in XXL which currently occupies this niche.


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