this feature that everyone wants is coming

Starfield continues quietly on its merry way and a highly anticipated feature seems to be about to arrive. We tell you everything you need to know about this.

Bethesda is about to begin testing for an important Starfield feature : its official modding tool, Creation Kit 2, could soon enter the beta phase. It must be said that Bethesda’s RPGs have, since the early 2000s, seen the birth of significant modding communities. So there is no reason for Starfield to escape it. Especially since this is one of the studio’s big promises for 2023. The pressure is therefore quite significant.

Starfield and modding

A recent update, identified by a Reddit user as TERAB1T, revealed the addition of a new branch of code named ct_beta_verifiedcreator to the Steam version of Starfield, suggesting that this beta phase will be limited to members of the Bethesda’s Verified Creator program. This initiative aims to help modders monetize their creations. But what about free?

While priority appears to be given to verified modders for access to official modding tools, that doesn’t necessarily mean those interested in creating free mods will have to wait much longer. Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda, had promised that Starfield’s modding tools would be available in 2024, without distinguishing between the Verified Creators program and the broader community. So everything is still possible.

Finally the tools?

Official modding tools are highly anticipated. Because they should significantly simplify the process of modifying Starfield by providing a comprehensive development interface. So far, all mods available for the game have been created using rudimentary methods. Like hexadecimal editors. The upcoming release of Creation Kit 2 should mark a major milestone in Bethesda’s efforts to deliver on its promise of making Starfield a modder’s paradise.

The passage of Creation Kit 2 through a beta testing phase, potentially requiring more time due to the extent of the features to be introduced, suggests a full release for spring 2024. Subsequently, we should finally see mods arrive overhaul to completely shake up the space RPG.

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