This feminine first name in J, very common in 1900, is one of the favorite retro names of parents in 2024 (it is very chic)

This retro first name with its chic and romantic allure is making a comeback in 2024 and promises future fame that will not leave parents indifferent.

This ancient first name has a bright future ahead of it and is still fashionable three centuries later. Appearing during the 18th century, this first name is well established on French territory and tends to remain there for many years to come. Very popular between the 1850s and 1900s, it was widely used to the point of becoming the 14th female first name the most popular during the year 1902. His notoriety was such that he had no fewer than 3,295 births during that year. This retro first name is therefore very appreciated for its retro side but also for its boho-chic connotation. More than a nickname, it is often assimilated to the aristocracy and wealthy circles, which can be explained by the fact that a famous empress bears this beautiful 3-syllable first name.

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Despite a pronounced craze at the beginning of the 20th century, this first name lost notoriety until it became a first name considered rare at the beginning of the 2000s. There were only 392 allocations during the year 2009. This very chic name is, however, particularly used in the departments of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine but also the North. This famous first name in Jwhich is none other than Josephine, has seen its curve reverse in recent years and gain more popularity. It could even become a trendy first name again with the return of the fashion for retro first names.

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What does this pretty retro name mean?

Joséphine comes from the Hebrew “yôsep” and means “god will add”. It is the feminine form of the Hebrew first name. Joseph, which, however, took time to emerge. The first name Joséphine owes its fame to the Empress Joséphine de Beauharnais, also known under the surname of Joséphine Bonaparte. This popularity gives rise to a internationalization of this first name, particularly in English-speaking and Germanic countries.

The first name Joséphine refers to Saint Josephine who was a slave born in Sudan in the 19th century and who was subsequently freed by the Italian consular agent who had purchased her. It also refers to Josephine Vannini, an Italian saint who was part of the Christian religious order. This first name has many variations but the best known remain Joséfine and Joséfina. Recently, this name experienced a second wind with the death of the American-French artist, Josephine Baker, who was known as a civil rights activist. She became the first black woman to enter the Pantheon, making this artist a symbol of feminism And of emancipation.

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Who are the Joséphines?

The Joséphines are hard workers who are very determined. They like to overcome obstacles and take on challenges, they are very competitive women who like to stand out through their relentlessness and their mentality of steel. Adherent to perfection, they are very rigorous and have an eye for detail. For them, each task carried out must be impeccable. Very energetic, Joséphines need to be constantly on the move otherwise they risk getting bored and going around in circles. The Joséphines hate idleness and just want to go out and occupy their minds. Parents of little Joséphine, take her for cultural activities because she loves learning new things. Very curious, she loves discovering new worlds and imagining all kinds of adventures. Manual and creative activities are also a good way to keep her busy and stimulate her imagination.

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The Joséphines, however, have difficulty letting go. A little too serious and relentless, it is important to stop them in their tracks and encourage them to release the pressure and have fun. An outing with friends or even a simple walk in nature are the ideal kind of outings to help the Joséphine decompress and recharge their batteries. These moments of calm are necessary for the Joséphine to maintain this passion and vitality which characterize them so much.

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