This first name for boys which ends in “o” will be one of the most given in 2024 (it is of Breton origin!)

The list of the most given first names in France in 2022 has barely been revealed when L’Officiel des first names 2024 is published, a reference work which informs us about the latest trends. Among boys, a first name that ends in o and of Breton origin is making an incredible breakthrough!

Agree on the first name that we will assign to our future child is far from being the easiest task… And all parents (or almost all) know that! Is it necessary follow the trends or on the contrary try to stand out ? This is what billionaire Elon Musk is doing once again with the birth of his 11th child revealed this Sunday, September 10, or even Rihanna and rapper Asap Rocky who welcomed their second boy recently, as well as Patrice Evra , newly dad for the fourth time. But it is worth lending particular attention to the meaning and scope of the first name that you will give to your child, because it could have repercussions throughout his life. This is also what was recently revealed by a 17-year-old young man who suffers a lot from his parents’ choice, or Léa Salamé, the victim of mockery.

Out of inspiration? So why not put your nose in The Official Names 2024 which has just been published by Editions First… In this book, Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly Perrin present an overview of current trends and of those of tomorrow.

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A male name that could inspire you…

While the list of the most given first names in France in 2022 was published at the beginning of the summer, seeing Jade And Gabriel dominate the ranking as was already the case in 2021, it seems that we should expect a change very soon… Indeed, the leading trio in terms of female first names could significantly change in the months to come with the rise ofAlba who went from eighth place to fourth in one year, and who could get ahead of the current leading trio in which we also find Louise and Ambre. Note thatAlma And Inaya could also gain height. On the other hand, the trifecta would remain the same for the boys (Gabriel, Léo, Raphaël…), with an advantage for Leon and first names of biblical origin that could gain a few places in the ranking.

But another surprise is added to the table of The Official Names 2024the rise of Malo. “Unknown before the 1990s, Malo has seen accelerated and unexpected growth since 2020” specify the two authors in their work, explaining that this ending in “oh” seductive while emphasizing its number of syllables (two) and its Breton origin who is “very fashionable in general”. You have been warned!


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