This flagship top from the early 2000s left in the closet is making a comeback in 2024 (it refines the waist)

A very popular trend in the 2000s has made a comeback in the spring-summer fashion week shows. On its site, Who What Where has given advice on how to adopt this trend.

As Coco Chanel said, “fashion is what goes out of fashion”. She is also what is coming back into fashion. And to find out what’s coming back into fashion at the moment, there’s nothing like keeping up to date with the latest news via social networks, from our favorite influencers, or from our editorial team, who has spotted it for you the pieces you absolutely must have in your wardrobe for spring 2024. At the moment, for example, you should know that the trend is no longer for the white shirt, but for an even trendier derivative. Some colors are also among the key tones of this spring-summer, according to Cristina Cordula.

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Recently, we also spotted a perfectly trendy little top that will brighten up your summer looks. This is a piece that was very popular in the 2000s, and is currently enjoying a comeback. At the time, you probably wore this top to somewhat chic events, weddings or baptisms. Break the codes and now wear it at any time!

The peplum top, an essential summer fashion

On his site, Who What Where announced the big return of peplum tops, also called peplum tops. Spotted in the spring 2024 fashion shows, they help to emphasize (or create) the hips. They offer a silhouette in two stages: refined before the waist, then more fit in the second half, after the demarcation created by the seam or elastic. With long sleeves, short sleeves, floral, embroidered, their volume contrast brings elegance to all outfits.

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This trend, which today rejects the rigid fabrics from which it may have come yesterday, allows you to break up the silhouette and further define your figure. Peplum tops can be worn with a pencil skirt for a guaranteed sixties effect, but can also be worn gracefully with jeans for a retro look. On its site, Who What Where has listed several models to add to your wardrobe. A bustier top H&M to a magnificent satin black top for special occasions from Net to wearall you have to do is choose the one that best suits your taste… and your wallet.

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