This flax fiber electric bike is incredibly light

The Hummingbird Flax weighs only 10 kilos on the scale, which is a featherweight for an electric bike. This folder, however, targets elitist prices that exceed 5000 euros.

Source: Hummingbird

In the realm of ultra-light electric bikes, several models have stood out in recent years. These include the Superstrata Ion and its 11 kilos, the VELLO BIKE and its less than 10 kilos or the Domestic and its 8.5 kilos. All of them generally have one thing in common: their extremely expensive prices.

To this small list is invited a newcomer by the name of Hummingbird Flax, relays the site Electrek. The British manufacturer at the origin of this cycle has gone all out on the components, since it wanted to emphasize a durable design that combines lightness and solidity.

10 pounds

The frame of the Hummingbird Flax is thus designed in flax fiber, while the seatpost and the handlebars benefit from carbon fiber. A combination that allows you to pull the weight down to reach the symbolic threshold of 10 kilos. For a foldable, this is a considerable asset, especially for intermodality.

The battery and motor are housed in a single box placed on the hub of the rear wheel. Inevitably, all of the weight is distributed at the rear. With a capacity of 158 Wh, the accumulator is able to provide a range of 50 kilometers, assures the brand, which does not specify whether assistance modes are available.

The 250 Wh motor provides assistance up to 25 km/h, as required by European law. However, no information on the couple has been communicated. What is interesting, on the other hand, is the presence of an integrated gear – an 8-speed Shimano Nexus – associated with a belt.

At least 5000 euros

On the one hand, this type of system prevents you from derailing, on the other, it allows you to upshift or downshift even when stationary. The spec sheet is completed with 16-inch Schwalbe Kojak tires and Shimano dual-pivot brakes. Hummingbird Flax is finally able to support a weight of 110 kilos maximum.

Let’s come to the price, which reaches the heights here: the official site mentions a price of 4445 pounds sterling (about 5270 euros) for the version with belt, against 4245 pounds sterling (about 5030 euros) for the version with chain transmission.

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