This Free Site Colorizes Black and White Photos in Seconds

Do you have old black and white photos? Try to pass them in this new tool: the artificial intelligence manages to colorize in a very realistic way many shots.

When we observe a black and white photo, we always have the impression that the people immortalized are older than they are. There is also this ineffable feeling of objects or places frozen in a distant, inaccessible time. But all these emotions evaporate when we discover these images in colorized version.

The Ars Technica site has spotted a new free tool on the web: it is called and allows any Internet user to test its artificial intelligence (AI) for free, which colors black and white photos in an instant.

To try it, nothing could be simpler: go to the site and click on “Upload Image”. The site takes a few seconds to offer a first colorized rendering, nicknamed Base Palette. You can stop there and download the color image, but you can also dig into the settings to tweak with the AI ​​in the other settings.

How it works ?

Indeed, like many of the image-related artificial intelligence platforms popularized in recent months, palette/fm is actually text-based. As explained Emil Wallnerthe creator of the platform, in a tutorial, just click on the big pencil to “ modify the prompter and ask the AI ​​to colorize the photo in a different style.

We tested it, and the contrast is striking. In the first image below, it’s the “basic palette”, which asks the AI ​​to colorize according to the aesthetics of a ” color movie “.

The description of the “basic palette”

But it suffices to change these last words to ” color that flash so that the photo is greatly modified.

If we chose to colorize the famous photo of Charles Clyde Ebbets in
If we chose to colorize the famous photo of Charles Clyde Ebbets in “colors that flash”?

I created an AI model that uses image and text to generate colorization “, explained the creator to the site Ars Technica. ” One model creates the text and the other takes the image and text to generate color. » If the site is free for the moment, a paying option should arrive.

What about platform security? If Emil Wallner assures that everything is changed on the cloud and that ” nothing is stored “, you will still have to be careful about what you put online. Keep in mind that if you don’t want to take any risks with certain private photos, it’s best not to upload them at all.

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