This German moved to the jungle for love – and has to share the man

This German moved to the jungle for love – and now has to share her husband with her enemy

Alina had imagined her life in the jungle differently.


Alina Graf from Düsseldorf experiences a stormy love story. She even moved into the jungle for her indigenous husband. But there is a catch.

After Alina Graf met and fell in love with her indigenous husband Nantu from the Achuar tribe during a trip around the world in Ecuador, the two married after just three weeks. After 1.5 months, Alina von Nantu is pregnant. Six years later, the couple lives with their daughter Maya in the Ecuadorian jungle.

Alina’s argument with the second wife escalates

But the small family is not just three. Because Nantu has another wife. RTL visited the family in Ecuador during a particularly difficult phase, because a decision by Alina will soon change her life seriously. You can find out which it is in the video.

Source: RTL


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