This “grandma’s” accessory is super trendy, here’s how to style your hair with it after 50 for a rejuvenating effect

Long neglected for our spring-summer hairstyles because it was rather considered “out of date” and “memory”, this accessory is about to become essential for styling your hair in the summer. We explain how to wear it to avoid looking like a “grandmother” if you are over 50.

The craze for the elegance of yesteryear is not about to wane. After the wholesale return in clothing collections of very elegant fashion trends like the old money trend, but also retro looks brought up to date with the mob wife trend, hairstyle trends get in tune. This spring-summer 2024 more than ever, they too invite us to dare with upgraded grandmother hairstyles, which are becoming among the most popular modern hairstyle trends of the season.

This is clearly good as proven by the“granny” accessory essential for styling your hair this summer which has the great advantage of being practical and not damaging our hair. But it is far from being the only one to acquire to be at the forefront of fashion and, surprisingly, to sport a super trendy and modern hairstyle for sunny days. Indeed, this spring, you won’t be able to ignore a delightful accessory borrowed from our grandmothers’ wardrobes: the scarf. We explain how to adopt it at any age, and in particular after 50 years to avoid the “memerizing” effect what can sometimes be this wardrobe basic, which you should not hesitate to take from your elders’ wardrobe to style your hair this season. A grandmother’s tip to have more beautiful hair to use without moderation!

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The essential “grandma” accessory for styling your hair this spring-summer 2024

If you don’t have the patience to try your hand at the voluminous retro blow-dry hairstyle trend, which is one of the must-have hairstyles of the moment, then you will be delighted to learn that adding a simple scarf to your hair can be a hairstyle tip to know how to do your hair quickly, well and trendy in the morning.

Very popular in the old money trend, the scarf is often worn to perfect loose hair, worn as a headband. It can also be combined with the trend of chic blow-drying if you feel like it, and it has the advantage of being suitable for mid-length hair as well as bob cuts which are always just as trendy and effective. to rejuvenate a face. It is also a useful accessory for the mob wife’s look, which is then worn in leopard prints that will never go out of style. So this is a good reason, if one were needed, to finally invest in a scarf with a feline motif. Offering an equally retro and elegant aesthetic, the scarf adorning a voluminous ponytail or a low and ultra chic ponytail, leaving part of the accessory free to twirl in the wind, also offers a glamorous look as desired.

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How to wear a scarf in your hair without looking “grandmother” after 50?

If it has undeniably returned to the good graces of fashionistas and beauty trends, the scarf must however be tamed differently at 50 or 60 years old, so that the look which gives it a second youth does not have an effect memerizing on your hairstyle. Exit the scarf worn in a retro version after 50 years, we will favor very modern ways of wearing it so as not to look “grandmotherly”.

If you’re lucky enough to have some length, combine it with the strands of your hair to make a sleek yet modern braid. The colors of your scarf will be perfect to make you look good if your hair is salt and pepper! Also dare to twist it as a casual tie for a half-tie that is more trendy than a bun where it is worn as a headband. Another rejuvenating option: the scarf on short hair, to tie around the head after having first rolled it around itself. Colored hair, white hair, fine and thinning hair, the scarf is a great ally to gain volume, conceal and thicken the appearance of nothing. It is perfect for perfecting a rejuvenating hairstyle as well as being its centerpiece.

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Scarf trend 2024: these hyper “memoryizing” ways of wearing it should be avoided

Even if it had come back in force in 2021, the grandmother’s hairstyle which consists of wearing your scarf all around the head while tying it under the chin is not relevant this season, neither before nor after 50 years.

In addition to this “memory” way of tying your scarf, we also advise against the pin-up look consisting of a high bun decorated with a scarf. There will be nothing modern this summer of 2024, whatever your age.

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