This “grandma’s” physical activity helps reduce cellulite (and it’s gentle on the joints)

To boost morale, eliminate stress that strains muscles and joints, reduce cellulite, there’s nothing like a good workout. This “grandma’s” physical activity is more fun than exercises in the weight room. We tell you more.

In the water, the feeling of lightness is guaranteed. The body, submerged, weighs only a quarter of its usual weight. A real invigorating break in our fast-paced lives, aquagym seduced by the regenerative element that is water. This wonderful asset allows you to move, stretch and perform movements without feeling the slightest awkwardness or discomfort. The pressure exerted by water on the entire body, 800 times greater than that of air, offers a sensation similar to a massage. The diversity of movements allows you to use the entire musculature, to refine the size, firm the chest.

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In terms of calorie expenditure, aquagym is also very effective. Did you know that a 30-minute aquagym session allows you to burn around 600 calories, is the equivalent of a 1.5 hour gym session on the floor? Water provides beneficial resistance that helps us achieve our goals faster. In addition, thanks to this resistance of the water, each movement made during aquagym acts like a draining massage on the surface of the skin. This helps stimulate blood circulation, to fight against water retention, to combat cellulite and promotes deep relaxation.

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Who is aquagym for and how often?

Aquagym is suitable for anyone wishing to practice gentle and effective physical activity and more particularly for people over 50 years old because of its numerous benefits for health and well-being at this age. Pregnant women included! Aqua aerobics is perfect for those looking to relieve muscle tension and to gently sculpt their silhouette, without feeling pain. No swimming skills are required, with most exercises taking place leaning on the edge of the pool or using foam boards. Unlike what happens in the gym, in aquagym, everyone can adjust their body load depending on the intensity of the exercises.which considerably reduces the risk of strains and tendinitis.

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Practicing aquagym twice a week on a regular basis allows you to maximize the benefits of this physical activity. Indeed, consistency in practice makes it possible to observe concrete results from the second month: excess fat is gradually eliminated, the cardiovascular system strengthens and blood circulation improves, thus promoting better oxygenation of the muscles. This combination of beneficial effects contributes to an increase in calorie expenditure and an overall improvement in physical condition. In short, regular practice of aquagym constitutes a veritable mountain of benefits for the body and mind.

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Aquagym to boost your morale and feel in top shape

Water, an inexhaustible source of health and vitality. It envelops us and gives us a feeling of pleasant lightness, helping to forget the extra pounds. This feeling of lightness has a positive impact on our mood! In addition, water has soothing properties, almost evoking uterine life. In short, the aquatic environment is in itself a source of relaxation and well-being. Aquagym, just like any other sport, triggers the secretion of endorphins, commonly called “happiness hormones”. In just a few minutes of effort, you naturally feel a feeling of well-being.

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Aquagym practiced in group classes creates a friendly and warm atmosphere where competition is left aside. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere promotes a feeling of belonging and encourages participants to surpass themselves together. Group dynamics are stimulatingencouraging everyone to give the best of themselves. It is also a moment of sharing where exchanges and laughter is there, creating a real bond between the participants. Coaches play an essential role in establishing a positive and motivating climate, conducive to effort and well-being. Aquagym classes are offered both in municipal swimming pools and in fitness clubs equipped with a pool. Ideally, two 45-minute sessions per week are recommended. For those who are lucky enough to have a private swimming pool or live by the sea, there is nothing like a short daily session to enjoy the benefits of this aquatic activity.

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