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Emmanuel Macron chose Elisabeth Borne for her professional qualities, but not for her lifestyle, which can sometimes annoy her.

Personal details don’t have to go into professional relationships, but sometimes differing outlooks on life can get in the way. This is a bit of what Emmanuel Macron is experiencing with Elisabeth Borne. To a lesser extent, of course, but a habit of Elisabeth Borne annoys Emmanuel Macron so much that he would be ready to review their work organization.

Each week the president takes stock with his Prime Minister. It is an incompressible appointment to which Emmanuel Macron has submitted since his first term. This meeting takes the form of a working lunch. With Edouard Philippe, this point took place in the company of the Prime Minister but also with the director of cabinet of Matignon and the secretary general of the Elysée. With Jean Castex, lunches were one-on-one with Emmanuel Macron.

The appointment of Elisabeth Borne has reinstated the traditional lunch for four. Except that this moment would pose problems for the president, according to Le Point. The media evokes an attitude of the Prime Minister which disturbs Emmanuel Macron. It’s about “Elisabeth Borne’s complicated relationship with food”, confides an adviser close to the presidential entourage. “She only eats seeds, it drives the president crazy”, tells an Elysée adviser to the newspaper Point.

Elisabeth Borne is known to bring very little time to her diet. When she feels down, she turns to diet coke, which keeps her alert to the heavy workload she has to deal with every day.

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Elisabeth Borne’s light diet could change her encounters with Emmanuel Macron

The President of the Republic generally opts for light meals, he likes French gastronomy without making it a religion. But lunch is important to him. Seeing his head of government pecking at the table would put him on edge. Especially since it adds to an addiction that Elisabeth Borne has had for a very long time: her vaper.

Emmanuel Macron does not appreciate the lunches in the smoke of the vapoteuse of the Prime Minister. He is not the only one. His systematic use of the vapoteuse has already inconvenienced co-workers. She had been seen using her electronic cigarette during a session of the National Assembly. This behavior had been reviled by opposition MPs.

All these embarrassments would push him, according to Point to want to review the format of these weekly points. He could cancel lunches to go straight to work appointments, without food or drink and for a shorter time.

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