This haircut is perfect for giving volume to long hair

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Does your long hair lack volume? We have found the perfect trendy haircut for you to give them some flair.

If there is no shortage of trendy haircuts that give volume to short hair this season between the most voluminous ultra-short cut of spring-summer and the ideal square for fine hair, those for long hair are becoming rarer. Fortunately, the hairstyle trend of the season dedicated to long hair – aka the degraded which is making a strong comeback this year – is the ideal solution for boost the volume of long hair in 2023. This year, however, we will fall for its most subtle and clever version: the cup shattered layers or “broken layers” in French. A somewhat nebulous name which only means that the gradient is worked so as to create different layers in your hair.

But don’t worry, even if this cutting technique seems radical, it’s a rather discreet gradient that you don’t notice at first glance, as hairdresser Juli Akaneya explains when interviewed by popsugar : “When the hair is still, there is no visible line or layer separation”. The reason ? This gradient is focused on the ends of the hair and not along the length like most classic gradients. The layers of hair created by this cut are only seen “when there is movement in the hair” says the expert. They thus create volume in long hair without the cut drastically shortening certain locks. Smart no?

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Shattered layer: is this volumizing cut for long hair suitable for everyone?

Good news, the answer is yes. Suitable for all hair types, it can not only be suitable for people with fine hair, but also for those who want to lighten their thick hair without thinning it out in the length. This volumizing cut also looks great whether the hair is straight, wavy or textured as the hairstylist assures. “This haircut will enhance the natural texture while removing the weight” which weighs on the lengths and which ends up flattening the volume in the roots on long hair, she specifies.

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