this heartbreaking photo taken a few minutes before the tragedy


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Published by the president of the Life for Paris association, which brings together victims of the attacks of November 13, 2015, the photo shows the last minutes of joy before the fall into horror by the irruption of terrorists.

The trials of the Bataclan attacks are continuing at the Paris courthouse, with testimony from survivors on the bar on Monday, October 18, 2021. The families of the disappeared speak of these testimonies as a way of figuring precisely the last moments of their loved ones who died that evening. The president of the association of survivors of Bataclan, “Life for Paris” posted on Twitter a shocking photo, which testifies to the last minutes of joy before the horror. Taken by his friend Mathieu, the photo posted by Arthur Dénouveaux greatly moved Internet users. He confided to aufeminin that “The trial turns out to be quite overwhelming, all these testimonies take us back to the evening of November 13. But with the hope that speaking in court will make it possible to turn a page. Personally, in any case, it makes me look at this evening differently”. This photo, taken in the pit “brought back memories of the last carefree moments before hell”. The symbolism is strong in this concert image. Arthur Dénouveaux underlines this: “this heart magnificently symbolizes life before death, but also hope after”.

The testimonies during this trial allow us to realize the extent of the trauma experienced. Some people present that evening explained that they felt between two worlds: “I came out alive among the dead, but I became dead among the living”, explains Sandrine, 48, Bataclan survivortarget = “_ blank”> quoted by France Info. Getting up is easier for some than for others. This trial makes it possible to relive these moments, to try if not to understand, at least to move forward.

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