this huge price hike that almost came into force

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In a press release from the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), we learn that, without the price shield, regulated electricity prices could have increased by 100% in February.

This is information that sends shivers down the spine. Whether, on February 1, 2023, regulated electricity prices will indeed increase, to the detriment of the purchasing power of the French, this increase will be “only” 15%. “That” ? Yes, because as indicated by the Energy Regulation Commission, in a communicated published on January 19, the government refused to follow the proposals increase in regulated electricity tariffs that it had submitted to it in mid-January. The CRE recommended an increase of almost… 100%.

In its press release, the Energy Regulatory Commission recalls that “the 2023 finance law authorizes the government to oppose CRE’s proposals as soon as these exceed the tariffs applicable on December 31, 2022 by 15% including tax”. This explains why the scales proposed by CRE will ultimately not be applied to consumers. Thereby, “these are the scales of frozen pricesset by the government, which will come into force on February 1, 2023″.

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In detail, the CRE indicates, still in its press release, that the residential blue tariffs were to experience an increase of 99.36% including tax, an increase of 175.41 euros/MWh excluding tax. The professional blue tariffs were to increase by 97.94% including tax, an increase of 177.52 euros/MWh excluding tax. Increases justified by CRE by the level “very high” the wholesale price of gas, but also by “the low anticipated availability of the French nuclear fleet”. Note, however, that this scaleeven if it will not apply directly to the French, retains an interest since it will serve as a “reference” to calculate “compensation from the state budget providers supplying customers at regulated electricity sales tariffs (EDF and local distribution companies (ELD)) and other suppliers offering market offers”.

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