this incident involving her daughter Juliette terrified her, “I thought I was dying”

Friday December 1, Diana Blois (“Large families”) recounted on Instagram an incident concerning her daughter Juliette, which terrified her. “I thought I was going to die,” she confided.

Having children brings its share of little joys and immense joys… but also, sometimes, fears. Recently, Diana Bloiswhose TF1 viewers discovered the clan in the docu-reality Large families: life in XXL, paid the price for a difficult experience. Friday, December 1, the mother described these events in a story broadcast on Instagram. Gérôme Blois’ companion revealed that the incident involved one of his daughters, Juliette. While the mother accompanied her child on a school trip to the swimming poolshe saw the little girl in difficulty in the water. A scene that we can imagine is painful and which Diana Blois witnessed, helplessly, behind a bay window!

The events took place when Juliette and her comrades had to jump into the water. Suddenly, the little girl found herself in the pool and unable to regain the edge of the swimming pool. Luckily, the child – who heeded the safety advice given to him – managed to keep his head above water. Very quickly, a lifeguard who was alerted by a teacher intervened for helping him. Before seeing that her daughter was safe, the participant in the successful family program was scared to death. “I thought I was going to die”she confided in this story spotted by Tele-Leisure.

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Diana and Gérôme Blois at the head of a blended family

Diana and Gérôme Blois, whom TF1 viewers discovered in the second season of Large families: life in XXLare at the head of a reconstituted clan of nine children. When she met her husband – to whom she said “yes” in 2019 – Diana was already a mother of seven children, from a previous union and whom she raised alone. As for Gérôme, he was the father of a daughter named Louane.

Together, the lovebirds have expanded their beautiful tribe with the birth of Juliette. Since their participation in the show, the couple has been the subject of numerous criticisms (sometimes very virulent) concerning their lifestyle. Criticisms which took the form of messages on the Web and against which Diana Blois sometimes uttered a rantexpressing his fed up with such surges of hatred…

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