This influencer has a message of love for her stretch marks

Juliette Katz, aka Coucou les girls, is known for regularly delivering messages of self-acceptance. With a photo of her pregnancy stretch marks, she encourages us to love these “life marks”.

At all times of life, seeing your body change is not always easy. And even if you are pregnant and more than happy to be! This is what recalls Juliette Katz, known on Instagram and YouTube under the pseudonym Coucou les girls, who is expecting her first child, whose birth is expected in the coming weeks. At the time of growth spurts, weight gain or pregnancy, it is common for stretch marks to appear, and it is not always easy to accept them.

But Juliette Katz gives us a good reason to accept and, even better, to love what she calls “the marks of life”. “We don’t show them, we don’t talk about them, we are sometimes ashamed of them. I try to appreciate them and accept them by telling myself that these traces are there to remind us of the painful trials or not that we are going through. . It’s a drawing that our bodies tell “, explains the comedian and influencer, next to a photo of her, a prominent baby bump, with her future mom stretch marks.

For Coucou les girls, who often disseminates body positive messages, these stretch marks are above all proof of“a story that remains engraved here, now and forever”. She encourages all those who have them to see them with a benevolent eye: “A way of telling us, perhaps, that we have to learn to let go of this gaze that is sometimes so hard that we have on ourselves. I’m learning, it’s not easy every day, but it’s been me someone exceptional. Just like you “. And we 100% agree with her!

Melody Capronnier

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