This influencer shares her diagnosis to encourage women to take HPV tests more often


Australian influencer Jade Tuncdoruk recently discovered she has HPV, a common cause of cervical cancer. She decided to share her diagnosis in order to encourage women to get tested more frequently.

Jade Tuncdoruk is an Australian influencer based in Sydney. The social media star noticed a few symptoms that prompted her to seek medical attention. She hadn't had an HPV test in a while. Her cervical cancer test revealed that she was papillomavirus disease, a common sexually transmitted disease.

While this virus is usually harmless, some forms can lead to a diagnosis of cervical cancer if not detected and treated in time. The 25-year-old thus underwent this week an electrosurgical excision procedure with the handle, an operation to remove abnormal tissue from the cervix. Jade Tuncdoruk decided to bring up this intervention on social media because she did not "really seen other women talking about it openly ". "There is a stigma around the transmission of sexually transmitted viruses that silences people, and the silence and lack of information can in fact, in rare cases, be fatal. The screenings are there because it is all preventive if it is taken care of early. ", she explained to ABC.

The young woman hopes to inspire other women to bring up the subject in order to inform but also to reassure. The influencer received a wave of support from her 450,000 followers on Instagram following his initiative.

An estimated 62 million deaths could be prevented over the next century, according to a new study, if the world's poorest countries urgently increase cervical cancer services. It's about fourth most common cancer in women worldwide and the highest cause of cancer death in more than 40 countries, according to Cancer Council NSW.

In France, nearly 3,000 women develop cancer of the cervix and 1,000 of them die from it each year.

More than a million cases of STDs every day according to the WHO

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