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Invited on the set of It starts today on France 2, on the occasion of a special number dedicated to the 80s, Véronique Jannot delivered on a difficult period of her life. The actress returned to her battle with cancer and her choice to hide it from the public.

This Wednesday, March 22, France 2 aired a special issue of his show It starts todayi devoted to the 80s. On this occasion, Véronique Jannot was one of the guests on Faustine Bollaert’s set. The 65-year-old actress looked back on her film debut and remembered with nostalgia the effervescence she experienced during the 1980s. But the actress didn’t just remember the good old days . Indeed, when asked about the difficulties she may have encountered at the start of her career, Véronique Jannot gave herself without filter to her fight against the disease..

Doctors diagnosed the artist with uterine cancer when she was just 22 years old. A shocking event that she had at the time wished to keep silent publicly. A choice motivated by several reasons that came to explain without filter and without language of wood Véronique Jannot at the microphone of Faustine Bollaert.

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Véronique Jannot: “The stupidity of journalists”

Wishing to preserve her reputation as a young actress with growing success, Véronique Jannot played the discretion card when she learned of the doctors’ diagnosis. The actress has therefore made no public statement about her uterine cancer.It was complicated… because when you are sick, and obviously not from the flu, at the insurance level, first of all it is a problem”she explained in front of the cameras of France 2. A thoughtful choice on the part of the former companion of Laurent Voulzy that she fully assumes today. It was all about protecting yourself. “It was the image of youth, of beauty, of someone who has no problems… All of a sudden, knowing that there was a little crab lying around, it was not ideal”she said.

Although discreet about her illness, Véronique Jannot had to face one of the most difficult ordeals during her fight against cancer. At this delicate time, the actress remembers being annoyed by persistent behavior on the part of certain journalists. They kept questioning her about why she didn’t have a child yet. A question that visibly came up regularly on the table and which greatly affected the actress during her uterine cancer. “The stupidity of journalists”, she summarizes. And to add: “That’s what came up all the time and was painful”. As the rumors swirled, the actress was pleasantly surprised by the words of an anonymous woman who had come to her defense about motherhood.

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