This is how quantum computers are creating a new financial sector

Who wouldn’t want to find the magic trading formula that will lead to spectacular profits in the financial sector? Not with gut feelings and cockiness, but with data-driven, scientific approaches, David tries to bring important findings to light in his research.

Understand the Crypto Market with Natural Language Processing

To do this, he not only evaluates mountains of data via machine learning, but also tries to evaluate the mood in the financial sector with the help of natural language processing, or NLP for short. The result is sentiment indicators that can help to make the right investment decisions.

His investigations into white papers from ICOs provided particularly exciting insights. So much can be revealed: A good rating and well-known advisors are not per se a good sign of project success.

Quantum computers create new financial products

Most people understand quantum computers to be computers that are much faster than all previous systems and therefore allow applications that would have been unthinkable before. Using examples, David explains why there is practically no other technology that influences our financial sector like quantum computer technology – with the exception of blockchain or is to be understood here in a different context.

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