this is how the Kretz family divides up the millions of euros from their sales

In the agency, real estate series, the Kretz family presents properties at very high prices. In order to distribute the money from sales, they have put in place a well-established system!

L’Agence, the Kretz family’s real estate series, has become essential. While the program is in its fourth season, the show still meets a huge success. The Kretz family is made up of parents Sandrine and Olivier as well as their four boys. Through patience and perseverance, the Kretzes became the most famous family of real estate agents.

In recent years, they have entered the ultra-luxury market. Thus, they offer their customers goods ranging from 2 million euros to more than 80 million among others. As it happens in a classic real estate agency, “a commission is taken when a sale is concluded”. “We receive 3% on the total amount of a transaction”, revealed the eldest Martin in Télé-Loisirs. If that doesn’t seem like much, 3% actually represents 60,000 euros on a property worth 2 million.

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The Kretz family system

As the family unveiled their book Welcome to the Agency (Editions Fayard) published on March 27, TV Magazine decided to look into the little secrets from the famous family. For distribute the commissions between them, they set up a system “depending on seniority”, Martin added. So, “all commissions are collective” In “a ‘common pot’ spirit”.

In January 2023, Valentin Kretz also spoke about the distribution of this money in Les Echos Start. “If it’s a family member who makes a sale, we share the commission between family members. It’s a system that we’ve had in place for years, which works really well and which, I think, has avoided a lot of arguments. (…) When it is an agent from our team who sells, he is paidt the family receives part of the commission”he revealed.

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A phenomenal success for the Kretz family

For his part, Martin also gave more details on the volume of goods sold by the Krtez: “In 2022, we achieved a hundred salesor approximately 250 million euros in value sold, double that of 2021“, he explained. Since the success of the series, the mandates have multiplied to the great pleasure of the clan: “This visibility also allowed us to access in the ultra-luxury market with goods worth more than 10 million euros, to which we did not necessarily have access before”he declared.

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In front of the cameras of Netflix then TMC, the Kretz family revealed different goods. Some cost 2 million euros while others fetched much higher prices. We particularly remember this private hotel seen in season 2 of the show and offered for sale at the price of 80 million euros. Just that !

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