This is how you age healthily and vitally

LI was recently invited to a milestone birthday. One of the guests gave a speech on the birthday “child” and explained that people who have already been on earth for a few decades like to announce at their birthdays how old they actually feel, namely just thirty, some even like twenty. Others think they are still in the midst of what appears to be eternal puberty.

Making yourself younger than you are according to your birth certificate is the trend: The colorful newspapers have been proclaiming for a long time that fifty is the new thirty, newly separated middle-agers are looking for significantly younger partners, and the cosmetics industry and plastic surgeons deserve a golden nose from everyone those who hope to cheat old age. Depending on the lighting, a look in the bathroom mirror helps to recognize that there can be a clear discrepancy between feeling and reality. Anyone who feels the ravages of time gnawing at one and then openly admits it seems almost out of date these days.

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