This is how you can increase the value of your portfolio

The crypto market is known for its volatility. It creates opportunities for huge winnings, but also involves high risk.

With ArbiSmart, the exchange registered in the EU, you can minimize your risks and significantly increase your chances of winning.

Successful trading through arbitrage

ArbiSmart uses a specially developed method to identify price differences on exchanges, making it possible to increase the cryptocurrencies you use.

Currently, 25 cryptocurrencies can be traded on the platform, including, of course, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). According to Arbismart, if you agree to meet a 24-month lock-up period and also achieve a minimum sale amount, you can multiply the invested capital. Up to a three-fold increase can be achieved here. Further, using the native token RBIS increases the potential return to 10x.

discount promotions

Every time you buy FIAT or crypto from the dashboard, Arbismart promises up to 50% off your currency purchase. The size of the rebate depends on the purchase amount, the length of the hold period and, in some cases, whether a certain amount of RBIS is locked for the hold period.

This means that you can buy Ripple, for example, when the price has fallen and you can buy the coin through the fiat rebate at up to half of the current market value. So if you buy $5,000 in XRP with a 50% discount, you only pay $2,500 and your account is immediately credited with the full value of $5,000 in Ripple available after the lock-up period is over.

These exchange features, along with the generous interest rates on ArbiSmart savings plans, which can reach up to 147% per year, make the ArbiSmart project a promising alternative for digital currency owners looking to navigate the current crypto climate.

Curious? Here it goes Arbismart!

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