This is how you kindly tell someone that you need some time to yourself right now

4 ways to kindly tell someone you need some alone time right now

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Sometimes we just don’t have the energy for long phone calls, WhatsApp conversations or even meetings. But how do we say that to our counterpart without hurting them?

There are days when we’re just burned out. The only thing that still seems possible is watching Netflix, reading or maybe passively scrolling through Instagram or TikTok. But what is definitely not possible is human interaction. There is no longer enough strength for that. We probably all know such phases – some more, others less.

It has a lot to do with whether we’re more introverted or more extroverted. Because while extroverts get their energy mainly from being with others, introverts recharge their batteries best on their own. Communicating or meeting friends can be fun for them, but they always cost energy.

The problem: We don’t want to offend anyone, so it’s not so easy to communicate that we just need a little quiet right now. Especially towards more extroverted people, who probably can’t understand it so well themselves. Here are four ways you can empathetically teach your counterpart that you need time to yourself right now.

This is how you make it clear in a friendly manner that you just want to be by yourself

1. “Not feeling like writing right now. Okay so far, just need some time.”

Your friend may sense that you’re not in a good mood and are therefore in touch more often than usual. You appreciate it, but just don’t have the strength to reply to the many messages right now. With this honest message you explain what’s going on, but also make it clear that he:she doesn’t have to worry.

2. “I’m out this time, but feel free to let me know at the next meeting.”

If you currently have little energy for other people, you probably have little desire for group meetings. For introverts in particular, groups quickly become energy thieves. In this way you let your friends know that you don’t have the capacity to meet up at the moment – but at the same time you signal that you would like to spend time with them again at a later date.

3. “There’s a lot going on right now and I need some quiet time to process it.”

This statement sums it up: Above all, people who are close to you should understand that you are currently a little overwhelmed. This way they can classify what is going on with you without misunderstandings arising. You leave the door open a crack for further communication – maybe your friend would like to ask how you are doing in a few days or weeks. At the same time, you anticipate the pressure of having to reply to every message. This makes it easier for both of you.

4. “I’m taking some time to myself right now. Shall we meet up next week?”

The message assumes something important: namely, that you can assess that you have the energy to meet again in the coming week. If that’s the case, this answer is a good way to prevent the bad conscience that might plague you when you put off your friends. This will give you the rest you need right now, but you already have a concrete plan for when you will see the person next.

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