This is the best raclette sold in supermarkets according to 60 Million Consumers

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The magazine 60 Millions de Consommateurs took an interest in the different raclette references and published the results of a study highlighting one of them in particular. What is the best raclette cheese sold in supermarkets?

Among the most comforting winter dishes, raclette unquestionably holds a place of choice. And at the time of Party Squeegees, it is still necessary to know which charcuterie to opt for or which variety of potato is the most suitable. But what about the essential: the sacrosanct cheese ? How to decide on the shelves of supermarkets, faced with the multitude of different references placed on the displays of the refrigerated rooms? the Raclette cheese has been widely available for a few years with marked flavors, with onions, pepper, mustard, and even goat’s milk. Which holds the upper hand? This is the essential question for raclette lovers that the magazine 60 Million Consumers arose, after having studied champagnes and salmons, to now give the answer.

To do so, the most widespread type of cheese was selected, in order to distinguish a particular brand: at pasteurized milk, nature and with crust. Six products from popular brands sold in supermarkets were then selected to be offered for tasting to a jury: Chêne d’argent (LIDL), U, Les Croisés (E. Leclerc), Carrefour Original, RicheMonts and Entremont. Despite their different packaging, all of these products are manufactured in only two different factories, respectively located in Côtes d’Armor and Haute-Loire. Note that they also have an identical composition. 60 Million Consumers further reveals that “these products are all high in calories, fat, high in protein and very salty”. Which is not surprising!

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Raclette cheese: it’s not the price that makes the difference!

However, the association notes some taste differences and in the texturea major factor when covering the potato… But also the price ! The cheapest raclette cheese is sold for €8.55 per kilo, compared to €13.07 per kilo for the most expensive. This is a significant difference which, undoubtedly, has an impact on consumer choice. Be aware that it is not the most expensive product that is the best, according to 60 Million consumers. The winner of this study is the U brand raclette, “aged on a spruce board”, at €10.97 per kilo. According to the jury, this cheese makes the difference for “its taste considered pleasant and with character”. Now all you have to do is heat up the device!


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