this is the feeling that makes a relationship last, according to a study

How to make your couple last? A study published in The Journal of Sex Research highlighted the feeling that would help keep relationships going.

Each of us secretly dreams of living a perfect love story, worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales. However, we have to accept that the reality is generally less idyllic: all relationships have ups and downs. At the beginning of July, we echoed an article by Gracein which our colleagues had listed the points on which all spouses should (absolutely) be in phase. The risk, if this were not the case, would be that their relationship would not stand the test of time.

A study published in The Journal of Sex Research and spotted by Marie-France this Saturday July 22 was interested in which would allow lovers to make their relationship last. The scientists first recalled how communication and sexuality were very important in a couple. After which, the researchers shed light on a sentiment that they believe keeps romances going.

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The secret to a lasting relationship…

And this feeling is none other than… that of to feel that one is important in the eyes of the other. In the conclusions of their study, the experts explained that they discovered that when our spouse sent us a positive image of ourselves, it fostered communication and trust, since we were less apprehensive about talking about our needs and desires. In the long term, this would therefore contribute to development of partners. In this way, the relationship would more easily survive the passing of the years.

Conversely, let us recall the importance of identifying toxic attachments. Among them are one-sided relationships, which can exist in the couple as well as in family and friendly circles. These are harmful to our mental well-being. In particular, they may have an impact on esteem and trust that we wear.

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