This is the new hair color trend in autumn!


What have supermarket shelves and hairdressing salons together recently? Gingerbread Caramel! In the one for nibbling, the other to dye hair, but both definitely to the bite.

Bye, Bye, cool ash blond

How about a new Haarton to ring in the cold season? Finally, the leaves also change their color, why do not we just go with them? Here comes the new trend hair color gingerbread caramel  as called. Take some golden blond and a hint of coppery red and the autumnal tint is ready. The two nuances make for a dreamlike warm glow. Not only sounds tasty, but also looks beautiful. And how nice, show you the stars.

That’s how it’s done

A hair color named after food? That can only be good. And that’s the best way to succeed. The hairdresser uses the palm painting technique to blend colors together. The color is applied directly to the palms of the hands and worked into the hair with flowing movements. The method provides soft transitions and an extra glossy finish. The wow effect is therefore preprogrammed.

Well, what do you decide for? For the gingerbread caramel hair color or you still prefer the food variant. Both makes October definitely much nicer.